Past Projects – Sharing Expertise

The Brief

The Action

The Outcome

The training offer is now a key element in the core business offer and promoted as:

“Our 3 day Training course has been put together following years of experience working within the (industry) sector.  As well as training many of our clients, we have delivered the training internally to support the growth of our Consultancy business.”

Feedback is outstanding:

  • “Excellent course great to be taught by a practitioner not a trainer.”
  • “Great balance of theory and practice.”
  • “Pitched at good level, pace was fast but breakouts helped cement understanding.”
  • “Very enjoyable – hefty volume of slides to get through but made manageable and digestible by the trainer.”
  • “Having recently attended an (institute) course, this totally outweighs it on content and relevance.”
  • “Great course, really useful to my role and well delivered.”
  • “We selected (client) as our training partner as they provide a market leading combination of structured methods and real-world experience. The courses have been a great success, our team found the specific, worked examples invaluable.”