Past Projects

Impetus takes a project based approach to every requirement and we follow the same processes to define needs and actions that will deliver long-lasting results. Our process means we start with a client brief and agree actions that will achieve successful outcomes. This means we continue to work with many of our clients over many years on many different projects.

In this section we share brief overviews of a few past projects to demonstrate our scope.

Every project is different and we approach each to suit the requirements of the client, their team, the timelines and progress already made.

We are entirely flexible in the types of work that we can offer from a one-day workshop to move an in-house venture in the right direction, to a 15 year commitment to support the client team as their subject matter expert.

We have joined projects at their inception, we have delivered specific elements as part of a wider team and we have added resource at short notice. We work as partners, we join the team, we offer advice, we roll up our sleeves, and we see the job through.

To add impetus the first step is to talk to us about a current project and then we can share relevant, cross-industry experience and draw on our past projects to help you to achieve your strategic intent.

Below are some examples of past projects we have been involved in. Click ‘Find out more…’ on each example below for more information:


The Call Centre

Working alongside the client team to move a Call Centre operation from an outsource provider 400 miles away to an in house function.

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New Product

Coordinating the global communication and learning for new technology features as they released. We began with phone connectivity and continued with the ever growing range of communications, safety and drive technology.

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The Service System

Developing and delivering launch training and ongoing new joiner and reinforcement learning for a new system and new process in product service and repair centres.

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Sharing Expertise

Sharing our expertise to enable a small, client led team to develop a training offer for their business.

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